Your Home, cleaned well

When you invite Pure and Simple Cleaning into your home we take our responsibility seriously.  We prioritize careful, thorough cleaning and we follow through on our promise of quality.

An emphasis on health

We all love the look of a newly cleaned home, but professional cleaning is more than that.  Comprehensive cleaning programs take into account the areas that are less apparent. We clean and disinfect the areas of your home that, when neglected, lead to illness. Does your family suffer from allergies or sensitivity to certain scents?  We have pure products that address these needs. Our first priority is a healthy, hygienic home. Looking great is a happy byproduct!

We do it right, every time

The market is crowded with companies who will approach the job cheaply and quickly. But whether you can see it or not, quick, cheap service comes at a cost. While we always focus on efficiency, we never race through your home. Professional, experienced cleaning should be better than that which you can accomplish yourself.  We ensure that products are mixed with accurate dilution rates and given the contact time necessary to properly clean and disinfect surfaces. Then we thoroughly and methodically do our job.  And one of the happy byproducts of our approach is that it often takes less time for a well trained and equipped cleaner to do the job properly!  We do it right, because that's what your paying for.

Our committment to green cleaning

Why green?

In the not so distant past, 'Green Alternatives' were viewed as a costly, less effective way to accomplish cleaning while sustaining the environment. Now, environmentally sustainable products and best practices are no longer an alternative.  With efficiency rates as high or higher than traditional chemical products there is no longer any justification for exposing our families to harmful chemicals in the name of keeping clean. Modern green products, when properly used, allow us to care for our homes and our planet in equal part.

Be sure of what you're getting

Businesses make any number of claims that may be only partially true, and the cleaning industry is no exception.  Many companies pay lip-service to using "green products", but on closer examination are found wanting. How can the consumer educate themselves?  We suggest ensuring that your home cleaners use UL Ecologo™ Certified products, North America's most respected environmental certification program.  The Ecologo website contains a database of literally thousands of products that have been tested and certified to meet the highest standards of sustainability.  If your cleaner isn't using certified Ecologo products, chances are you're not getting what you're paying for.

Our commitment to you

The contemporary marketplace for cleaning is crowded, with each company promising "Green Cleaning", "The Best People", and more.  Companies compete to distinguish themselves from each other on any number of levels, many of them admittedly important to the consumer.  But for us its more basic than that.  We make the promise of high quality cleaning and we deliver.  Every time.  We will always do professional work using the purest cleaning products.  Pure and Simple.