Film and Television Production

We focus on film

Pure and Simple Cleaning supports Toronto's feature, television and commercial producers with professional, environmentally sustainable cleaning service for studios, production offices and locations.

Why we matter

As North America's 3rd largest screen-based production center, Toronto has a reputation to uphold! Although our role is less visible than some, we believe that all support industries share equally in our responsibility to contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of our marketplace. We believe that professional service providers who are committed to environmental sustainability are one of the pillars of Toronto's film production infrastructure.

Quality work is our priority

We put reliable, efficient, respectful service first. And we use state-of-the-art equipment and products to ensure quality work with minimal disruption. We believe that a professional, well-trained and supervised cleaning staff can have a positive impact on production.

We use the purest products possible

We offer a wide selection of UL Ecologo™ Certified products, North America's most respected environmental certification program. Cleaning product manufacturing facilities are bullfrogpowered™ with 100% green electricity. With cleaning efficiency ratings of 98% and above, our productions never have to compromise between cleaning effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

Health and Safety has value

Clean production faciliities prioritize the health of crew and reduce the significant costs associated with sick days and lost productivity. Our job is to keep your crew going in the cleanest, healthiest environment possible.

Leading with values

Service. Responsibility. Quality. Environmental stewardship. You'll see these ideas over and over again in marketing materials for cleaning companies. But we view them as more than advertising tools. These are the guiding principles that form the foundation of Pure and Simple Cleaning. Why not give us a call to discuss how we turn these principles into practice?